10/12/2019 - Cab 526

Cab for railway vehicle.


27/03/2019 - Cab 516

Cab for railway vehicle maintenance.


21/12/2018 - New year

Happy Holidays!


06/04/2018 - Cabs 522/523 internal

Internal view.


06/04/2018 - Cabs 522/523

Double cab for railway vehicle maintenance.


01/08/2017 - Summer holidays

Closed for the summer holidays from August the 12th till 27th included.


28/06/2017 - Cab 801

Railway vehicle maintenance. Destination Doha Qatar.


24/05/2017 - CNA

A personal goal that is actually another starting point.


22/05/2017 - Bonnet Tiger

Bonnet Tiger.


12/04/2017 - Innovation

Our small contribution in one of the many events organized by CNA Brescia to develop and interconnect entrepreneurs.


29/03/2017 - Cab 583

Railway vehicle maintenance. Destination Romania.


09/03/2017 - GCL

Cabin of construction crane.


24/02/2017 - Shunter 518

Cab for shunter.


15/01/2017 - Walking excavator

Metal carpentry for walking excavator.


10/10/2016 - Cab H18

Cabin fixed and swivel internal support for shotcrete pump.


22/07/2016 - Summer holidays

We inform you that will be closed for summer holidays from Monday 1 to Friday 19 August.


15/07/2016 - Cab repaired

Cab Fiat Hitachi repaired


22/04/2016 - E2612

Motor cover bonnet for loader.


17/03/2016 - Cab F3500

Cab designed for self-propelled crawler equipped with arm with brushes for the cleaning of solar panels.


29/02/2016 - Cab GC

Cab for crane tower, after-sales application. Destination Austria.


15/02/2016 - Cab 501

Cab with two swing doors for railway wagon, with air conditioner, sun blinds, windows windshield with resistance for defrosting.


18/01/2016 - Shunter VTS



10/12/2015 - Closed

We will close on December 24th and 31st


23/07/2015 - EH170-2

New prototype engine cover for self-propelled loader.


20/07/2015 - Cab EH crane

Cabin with sliding door and rear air conditioner.


14/07/2015 - Closed

Carrozzeria Condor will close from August 3 to August 28. Happy holidays.


08/07/2015 - Cab GFC

Cab stationary crane.


18/05/2015 - Cab 537

Cab with air conditioner for railway wagon, sliding rear door, seats for passengers, sun blinds, floor hatches for inspection, windows windshield with resistance for defrosting.


07/04/2015 - Cabin VTS

Cabin for draisine: back swing-door, electrical wiring, interior lighting and exterior, double roof.


17/03/2015 - Cab Pan Curva

Cabin on a self-propelled concrete.


27/02/2015 - Cab 515

Cab for railway vehicle with air conditioner, two swing doors, double roof, 2 folding seats, floor hatch.


26/02/2015 - Komatsu PC35MR

Repair and modification excavator Komatsu PC35MR.


12/01/2015 - Cab 514

Cab for railway motorcar.


19/12/2014 - Closed

Carrozzeria Condor will close from december 24 to january 6.


06/11/2014 - Ecomondo 2014

Ecomondo 2014 Rimini.


21/10/2014 - Cab repaired

Not only we produce, we also do repairs.


01/10/2014 - Cab MC870mod

Cabin with curved lines but essential, which is compact, fitting with roof air conditioning.


07/08/2014 - Cab 502

Cab for railway motorcar.


24/7/2014 - Closed

Carrozzeria Condor will remain closed from August 9 to August 24. Happy holidays.


16/7/2014 - Cab and base

Cabin for the French market complete with base, with seat support, support remote controls and conditioner.


15/6/2014 - Body mini excavator

Body and tanks for mini excavator.


10/4/2014 - Cab GFC Stopsol

Cabin for stationarycrane with Stopsol glass, high reflection, for a betterclimate comfort.


01/04/2014 - Bonnet Stationary Crane

Bonnet for Stationary Crane for scrap.


12/03/2014 - Kubota

Repair Kubota. Before and after.


09/02/2014 - Fieragricola Verona

Fieragricola Verona


9/1/2014 - Dumper Perlini

Dumper Perlini before e after.


20/12/2013 - Closed

Carrozzeria Condor will close from december 24 to january 6.


04/12/2013 - New bonnet

New bonnets for scrap baler and self-propelled loader.


01/12/2013 - Facebook

From the link at the bottom of the page you will find our Facebook page.


01/12/2013 - Google+

From the link at the bottom of the page you will find our Google+ page.


01/12/2013 - Youtube

From the link at the bottom of the page you can access our Youtube channel.


09/11/2013 - Ecomondo

Fair Ecomondo, Rimini Italy.


20/9/2013 - Cab IB XL

Cabin for crane loader with compact measurements. Seat support with integrated joystick support. Dashboard instruments. Ready conditioner.


19/7/2013 - Closed

Carrozzeria Condor will remain closed from August 10 to September 1. Happy holidays.


15/7/2013 - New logo

A new logo for the future of the Carrozzeria Condor. A modern stylized cabin incorporated our characteristic line and with the usual corporate colors red and blue. The project, created by Francesca Rosina Rosina Design, highlights the company's product by integrating it with the shapes and colors of the old logo.


10/6/2013 - Milling

Cab controls and carters for milling machine.


23/4/2013 - Cab 519

Cab for railway motorcar, complete with windows, n°2 side sliding doors, n°7 passengers seats, internal wiring, n°2 roof hatches and n°4 floor hatches. Destination: Asia


30/3/2013 - Bonnet EH250

Restyling bonnet wheel loader for scrap.


15/3/2013 - Bonnet EH40

Restyling bonnet wheel loader for scrap.


5/3/2013 - Dashboard EH2006

Dashboard for whell loader.


1/10/2012 - Cab 507

Cab for tunnel, comlpete with windows, door swing, n°3 passengers seats, internal wiring, split air conditioner, fully fireproof. Destination: North Europe


1/8/2012 - Cab MC870

Cabin for crane for baler with base.


31/05/2012 - Same

Agricultural tractor cab.


10/12/2011 - Cab EH2010-840

Narrow version of the cab EH2010.


1/10/2011 - Cab 504

Cab with galvanized grills security, internal wiring, air conditioner on the roof.


30/7/2011 - Cab 649

Cab for railway motorcar, 3100x2500x2320, complete with windows door swing, n°2 side security doors, roof with aluminum cover, sand guards, n°7 passengers seats, internal wiring, air conditioner on the roof. Destination: Middle East


25/7/2011 - Cab 2300

Cab for crawler vehicle, characterized by a front door, base covered with sound-absorbing carpet, dash integrated, large side glass that open, preparing equipment for air conditioning.


20/6/2011 - Cab EH2010

New cab EH2010. Visibility through exrensive glazing, front and top grilles, windshields with sliding opening, preparing radio and speakers.


01/02/2011 - Manipulator

Work performed on foundry manipulator.


26/11/2010 - Cabin EH2010

Some preview pictures of the new cabin EH2010. Coming soon pictures of the prototype.


15/08/2010 - Web site on-line!

On-line the new version of our web-site!


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